Diane Wing

Thank you, thank you, Diane!!!

Thank you, thank you, Diane!!! You dug in deep today [business coaching session] and it was at times uncomfortable, confusing, and frustrating…(to be completely honest!)  However, I also recognize and value it as an intrinsic and necessary part of the process.  It’s kind of like a deep tissue massage, it makes whatever ails you hurt a little more but in the end you feel better.  (No pain no gain!)  The work we did today was HUGE and I think paramount for my ability to move forward professionally…. and on a very personal level as well, as I don’t think you can accomplish one without the other. So thank you, thank you, again and looking forward to our session on Monday!!

Love, “Light” and Peace,

Denise Kline Rushland, PA, www.deniseklinephotography.com

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