The Value Of Solitude And Personal Power

Diane Wing

by Diane Wing, M.A.

Fiona felt as though her head would explode. Between the news broadcasts, social media posts arguing various points of contention, and her friends and family weighing in on her life, she was filled to capacity. She didn’t want to make people feel like they didn’t matter or be disconnected from the world, but her anxiety level rose to teeth-clenching range and it was hard to breathe or to think clearly.

Sound familiar?

If you’re looking for peace in your life, both within and outside of yourself, it can be problematic. Disconnecting from the bombardment of the news, the issues of others, and the circumstances at work and at home that create frustration and sadness is difficult at best. Going into a state of indifference only serves to promote guilt and a sense of numbness. Meditation may help some, but most find it hard to shut down the mind and emotions.

Part of the problem is the presence of the energy of others. For those who are empathic, this exacerbates the issue, since picking up on the angst and anxiety of others dashes hopes of achieving peace. For those who are not empathic, the universal pool of worry, war, judgment, and sadness is still felt.

We cannot become hermits in a world that requires us to show up and be present at work and in our personal lives. Shielding, grounding, and protection are ways to be around others (see my article for guidance on this at while reducing the detrimental effects. Shielding itself takes energy. We must fund the power to launch and reinforce our shields if they are to be effective.

So how do we rejuvenate and fund our power in order to withstand the challenges of everyday life? Some go to a spa, and this is wonderful for relaxation, yet it still requires being around other people – both the practitioners and the patrons at spas have their own issues. The energy of the practitioner, for better or worse, is transferred to those being worked on; the energies of the patrons are released into the atmosphere as they receive services.

The best way is to withdraw in order to regroup. Turn off the noise of the news, the cell phone, the Internet, and the world.

Take a solitary walk in the woods. Cleanse a designated personal sacred space at home, indoors or out, where being alone is possible without the energy of others in the space. Find a beach offseason where you can focus on the waves without interruption. Listen to your internal yearning, concerns, and receive divine guidance. Open to hearing your own issues without others weighing in. Consider your options and alternatives by walking the path through visioning and test how they feel personally to you.

The key is clear about your journey and the road you want to travel minus the chatter, opinions, and judgments of the outside world. Get to the heart of what is meaningful to you and what is most comfortable for you despite the naysayers. When you find the right direction for you, your body will relax, your thoughts will be focused, and your sense of self and what is right for you will be apparent. This is where your personal power lives.

Keep your revelations to yourself and tread the path that leads to peace of mind, peace in thoughts, emotions, and actions, and a deep calm assists you in navigating life’s bumps in the road and withstand the negative and potentially toxic energies encountered on a regular basis.

This is how you know you have found the place of connection to the Universal Energy/Source/Spirit. The sense of connection is felt beyond physical proximity and a grand understanding of your place in the world comes forward, allowing a stable platform from which to launch your future.

To bring peace to the world, you must first achieve peace within yourself. Being clear and emptying the vessel of the self from unnecessary thoughts, emotions, and external energies allows you to increase self-awareness and return to the world feeling centered and with a stronger sense of inner peace that enables you to stand in your power. 

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