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Unmask Your Inner Magick

Have you been on the spiritual treadmill with little or no change in scenery?  Are you searching for a new way to go within and fully connect with your higher self?  Maybe you have been working on finding that inner spark that guides you into the next phase of your journey but it’s just not taking hold. Your soul yearns for change. It’s time for a breakthrough in your personal and spiritual development!

Join us for an amazing weekend workshop of self-realization and lasting change:

·        Define your purpose and intention

·        Clear blocks that hold you back

·        Shift your reality to align with your truth

·        Create an artistic representation of your truest self to help you embody your Inner Mythic Persona

·        Connect with other spiritual seekers to gain and offer insights into the work we do over the weekend

Come with us on a mythic journey of the self as you unmask your inner magick and transform into the being you seek!


Unmask Your Inner Magick: A transformational mythic journey of the self

April 27-28, 2019

A weekend retreat in PA

The Room at Meadowbrook, 4089 Durham Rd, Ottsville, PA 18942

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Travel with us through the 7 Realms of Self-realization and discover places long hidden yet necessary to your personal and spiritual growth and enlightenment. Integrate your higher self with your mythic self to synthesize and transform your approach to life to achieve joy, fulfillment, and self-actualization. Transcend everyday limitations and travel into a realm of mythic discovery. You’ll gain clarity for your direction and create a mask representative of your mythic persona.



Grab a friend and experience this powerful transformation together!

The Seven Realms of Self-Realization

  • Maskmaking: The Realm of Initiation

The first stage of our journey into the magick realm of the Inner Mythic Persona® is creating a Lifecast® of our faces. Working with partners of their choice, participants model for and sculpt wearable plaster bandage replicas of their faces, which serve as the tabula rasa for the painted and three-dimensionally embellished masks. Models are invited to engage in a meditation, day-dream or creative visualization of their Mythic Persona, so that imaginative energy enlivens the Lifecast. Sculptors are invited to treat the process as mindful massage, being constantly conscious of the model’s comfort and confidence.

  • Creating Your Reality: The Realm of Inner Magick

Changing one’s perspective is a way of creating a new reality, brimming with hope and boundless choices. How you experience reality and ultimately what you consider as your truth is subjective. You create your reality by the way you look at the world. When you choose to experience life as a great adventure, it is one; when you choose to look at everything as a problem it is one. And it is an active choice over which you have control. To change your reality, your truth, and your range of experience, you simply need to change your perspective. Learn how limiting patterns of thinking, the way you speak and the way you label people and experiences shapes your reality and how to change these negative patterns to recreate your reality.

  •  Wants and Needs: The Realm of Seeing the Self

Before you can pursue your dreams, you need to understand the things that stop you from doing so. Learn the common roadblocks that stop you from moving forward, the reasons behind your choices, how do determine what you truly want, and create your personal definition of success. In this course, you’ll develop your personal mission, vision, and value statements, set goals, and create a timeline to achieve them.

  • Life Purpose Exercise: The Realm of Purpose

We are on a quest, searching for direction, purpose in life, and spiritual path.  “Why am I here” is the eternal question.  Purpose gives meaning to everything we do and allows us to fulfill our karmic destiny.  In this session, you’ll create a life purpose statement, and uncover how the divine expression of our purpose in high service to others fulfills karmic responsibilities.

  • Poetry: The Realm of Discovery

The second stage of our artistic journey is The Mythic Persona Poem®: a ten-step, question-and-answer, fill-in-the-blank template that tells the life story of the supernatural being our masks will embody. We’ll discard the clichés and disarm the phobias commonly associated with poetry and enjoy a free-ranging imaginative exploration. Those with no literary experience are guaranteed to succeed simply by completing the template, while those who wish to are free to exponentially extrapolate from the basic form.

  • Mask Embellishment: The Realm of Transformation

Building on the power of perspective change, the mastery of our wants, needs, values and goals, and the clarification of our personal mission and vision, the third stage of our artistic journey is painting and three-dimensional embellishment of our Lifecasts. Drawing on the images, thoughts, emotions and figurative language we’ve generated in the Mythic Persona Poem® and working with found materials we’ve collected on our Artistic Treasure Hunt® we’ll paint and sculpt our masks to embody the Super You we’ve brought to life in our poems.

  • Circle of Celebration: The Realm of Realization

We enter the final Realm by coming together in a Circle of Celebration. As we open to self-realization, sharing with others and trusting them to provide additional insights is priceless. This portion of the program is an opportunity to present your work-in-progress and to encourage others to present theirs. We’ll engage in an open discussion about the process of change and what we’ve learned about ourselves and each other during the retreat. We’ll explore the questions: What transformation took place over the course of the weekend? How are we different at this moment than when we began our journey?



Will Clipman
Diane Wing

Your guides on this journey of the self are: Award-winning musician, mask maker, and storyteller Will Clipman (www.willclipman.com) and acclaimed author and teacher Diane Wing team up to guide you as they present Unmask Your Inner Magick: A transformational mythic journey of the self





Learn about Inner Mythic Persona and get a taste of the transformational journey you’ll experience when you join us for this very special and unique weekend retreat by listening to the interview with Will Clipman and Diane Wing below.


$325 for the weekend and includes mask making materials and lunch both days. Seats are limited to 30.
Once that number is reached, we will put you on a waiting list in case there is a cancellation.

Sign-up today to take advantage of the Early Bird special of $250 to be paid in full by January 21st. 2019.  After that, the price is $325.* Save $75 by signing up today. Grab a friend and experience this powerful transformation together!


*Refund policy: Cancel your reservation by January 30, 2019 and receive a full refund. Cancel no later than February 28, 2019 and receive a 50 percent refund. Cancel no later than April 1, 2019 and receive a 25 percent refund. Registration is transferable.

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