What is Your Hope for the World?

Diane Wing

by Diane Wing, M.A.

We are a worldwide community. It begins with our little, personal space in the vastness and flows out, touching everyone and everything. Each person’s thoughts, emotions, and actions have an effect on every other person and living being.

We tend to focus on what is best for us in our own lives and how we can improve ourselves. Let’s take it a step further and consider how the ways we improve have an impact on the global community. As we create hope for ourselves, how does that radiate out to improve the world at large?

Start with what you like and dislike and why, with the reason showing how these things connect to the outside world. For example, here are the things that came through for me:

Personal Insights: I like seeing people win. Their joy is my happiness. I like seeing people and all living things treated with compassion. It raises my heart with hope for the world. I like seeing people give love. It shows me that love can spread and reach those who cannot yet feel it.

I dislike seeing the suffering of any living creature. It hurts my heart and their pain is my pain. I dislike seeing the destruction of nature. It shows the disconnection of those in power as to how important the environment is to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. I dislike seeing people mistreat those weaker than themselves. It makes me wonder where they learned to do that and how we can break the chain of abuse.

My hope for the world is a global community filled with joy, compassion, and connection to each other and to the Divine. My hope is that the work I do with others helps them through tough life transitions while fostering their uniqueness, empathy, and spiritual awakening and in the process, discovering their role in the universe.

Exercise: Now you try it. Keep in mind your hope for the world as you write. Ask yourself how your individual goals feed into the world at large. This is part of your spiritual awakening and guides you on the road you choose to travel.

We are all here together – one planet, one consciousness – each impacting the other. Positioning ourselves to be self-aware, confident, compassionate, and peaceful allows us to bring light into the world. In this way, we do not feel threatened by the success of others. We do not place material wealth over the wellbeing of the environment and the creatures living within it. And we do not seek to harm one another, but instead have the confidence and desire to lift others to their greatest potential.

In your hope for the world, consider how you spend your time. Each moment is sacred, stepping stones of moments that have brought us to this place in our life. When the path diverts, we choose our direction in accordance with our spiritual purpose. We can head toward misery, hate, and fear or choose peace, freedom, and joy.

Many blessings, Diane Wing

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