What No One Tells You About Your Special Gifts

Diane Wing

We could spend a lifetime searching and never recognize our special gifts. It's not that we don't have any, it's just that we don't know how to see what they are. Once discovered, these gifts are able to guide your life and allow you to stand in your power. 

But the focus as children is to fit into the norm, to develop abilities that are sanctioned by parents, schools, jobs, and other social entities.This is misleading, for what may be necessary for a certain environment may not have anything to do with a unique gift someone has. It may be that their gift is ripe to help innovate an accepted paradigm or to bring joy to others or even to start a type of business no one had thought of before.

So what's so hard about seeing our gifts? There are several mindsets that prevent this discovery.And the following list contains statements that prevent us from understanding who we truly are and what we have to offer the world.

What no one told us about our special gifts.

Our gifts come easily and naturally.

The truth is that when we use our special gift, it may be hard for someone else, but not for the person who has that gift. As such, this makes the person with the gift feel as though it's not really a gift at all, yet they use their gifts so easily and effectively that it is astounding and impressive.

Our gifts are an expression of who we are.

Our gifts define us, our actions, and our beliefs. They guide our work and our choices and help us serve others in a way that only we can do.  

Learned skills, such as typing or computer programming, are not directly considered to be our special gift, even if we’re good at it, but may enhance what we are naturally inclined toward.

Using our special gifts is an expression of the divine.

Denying our gift or being unable to identify it creates anxiety and depression because we feel separate from ourselves and from Spirit.

Our gifts are bestowed in order to assist society in moving forward, to innovate, alleviate suffering, and create joy.

Just because the expression of our gifts is different than what others are doing, we are not going against the norm, but rather, we are embracing our individual norm.

The use of our gifts results in unparalleled joy to any other type of happiness.

When we use our gifts, we are being fully ourselves. We lose a sense of time when we engage our gifts and feel most centered and happiest when we do what we were meant to do.

Our gifts are not a learned ability.

We can enhance our gifts, but it is a natural tendency that flows through us. We may discover it in the course of learning something else, but our gifts are part of who we are. Even though the gift comes naturally, there is still the opportunity to study. Learn to use it more effectively. Also, being around others with a similar gift to see ways they use it is helpful to imagine using our gifts in ways that are most aligned with our natures.

We are not all wired to become an astronaut or other occupations that may be childhood fantasies. While imagination and visioning are good tools to increase focus, problem-solving, shifting perception, and moving beyond self-imposed limitations, we have a better chance of discovering our gifts while staying mindful of what comes naturally to us.

Our gifts are aligned with our physical, emotional, and mental state. We are given the talent and or ability that allows us to overcome limitation when the gift is in play. Some type of remarkable aptitude may be displayed despite any other limitations that may be present. 

The capacity for kindness is a special gift. In addition to a gift such as writing, drawing, technological genius, athletic aptitude, the ability to be profoundly influential, etc., special gifts include an astounding capacity to love and to be compassionate,  

No matter our paid vocation, we can use our special gifts within that job. If the urge to express our gifts is not fully satisfied in that environment, it is important to find an after-work activity with which to express it.

 If you’re unsure of what your special gifts are or if you know what they are but are having trouble expressing them, this could be the source of your anxiety and unhappiness. Read the section on “Finding Yourself” in my book, The Happiness Perspective: Seeing Your Life Differently, or contact me to find out how we can work together to discover your special gifts and how to use them to create your best life.

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