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Conscious VoyagerTM

Wing Academy of UNFOLDMENT

Conscious VoyagerTM

The Conscious VoyagerTM is motivated to go deep within and travel in the realms of past and present experience to consciously manifest her best future. She strives to be mindful of how her thoughts, beliefs, and emotions affect actions and choices and takes responsibility for creating what is in her life. She strives for self-trust and self-confidence, knowing that she must heal herself first for maximum personal power so that she can be effective in high service to others.

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Conscious Voyager

Course Series

Energetic Consciousness
Personal Growth

Energetic Consciousness track

Transforms the way you look at life to get a fresh perspective, a renewed sense of clarity and direction, and be inspired to live our best life.

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Personal Growth track

Develop self-confidence and healthy interpersonal relationships, while enhancing your quality of life and contributing to the realization of dreams and aspirations. These courses serve to increase self-knowledge and assist in modifying beliefs and behaviors that hold you back.

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