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Wing Vibrational Scale Quiz

TrueNatureofEnergyCoverImage_quiz-webWelcome to the Wing Vibrational Scale Quiz. As you consider the following questions, select the answer to indicate whether you agree or disagree based on your current state of mind regarding your life in general. This quiz will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Once you begin, you must finish the quiz in one sitting, so set aside some quiet time before you start. Click on “NEXT” to begin.

I feel lost in my life.
All I do is give to others what they need.
Everyone is trying to undermine me.
I act with integrity or not at all.
I am able to move forward with calm certainty.
I am afraid of change.
I am comfortable being alone.
I am detached from outcomes.
I am dissatisfied at work.
I am grateful for all that is in my life.
I am in high service to others.
I am lonely.
I am not motivated.
I am on a path of growth.
I am open to other people’s perspectives.
I am surrounded by unhealthy relationships.
I am unhappy at home.
I am usually worried about one thing or another.
I can use natural cycles and energies to my advantage.
I can’t do anything right.
I choose the paths I take.
I continue to evolve.
I have no close relationships.
I do not know what I want out of life.
I do what I want when I want to do it.
I don’t get what I need out of life.
I depend on others to survive.
I don’t have a clear sense of who I am.
I drift from one thing to the next.
I enjoy applying what I learn to enrich my life.
I experience abundance on a regular basis.
I experience effortless change.
I feel a sense of connectedness to Divine Will/Universal Energy.
I feel blocked from moving forward in my life.
I feel disconnected from myself.
I feel disconnected from others.
I feel fulfilled.
I feel useless.
I frequently doubt myself.
I frequently experience creativity.
I have achieved acceptance of self and others.
I have attained inner peace.
I have come into my power.
I have difficulty controlling my emotions.
I have no hope for the future.
I have the freedom to create the life I want.
I have willpower.
I keep looking for the one thing that will make everything better.
I live a life filled with joy.
I feel I have control over the direction my life takes.
I need to put people in their place so they do what I tell them.
I often complain about my circumstances.
I often feel anxious.
I often feel depressed.
I say what I feel, even if it hurts others.
I spend most of my time alone.
I struggle with uncertainty.
I take time for myself.
I tend to react emotionally to situations.
I use drugs and/or alcohol to cope.
Life has meaning.
Life has no meaning or purpose.
Nobody cares about me.
Nothing ever goes right for me.
Nothing will ever go right for me.
Others are always telling me what to do.
The world is a bright, beautiful place.
The world is a gray, dull place.
There are times when I prefer to be alone
There is no one solution to everything.
What I do is no one else’s concern.
I use my own intuitive guidance.
I feel stuck in my life.
I am motivated to take action.
I feel unfulfilled.
I do not feel safe in my relationships.
I can feel energies around me.
I feel inspired.
I feel in control of my emotions.
I feel guilty when I say no.
Most of my relationships are difficult.
I feel the need to convince others I am right.
I am on a lifelong journey of spiritual unfoldment.

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