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Diana Rajchel - Hex Twisting

DIANA RAJCHEL (San Francisco, CA and Southwestern Michigan) is an itinerant city priestess and well-practiced witch with over 29 years of professional writing experience. Her background includes Wicca, folk witchcraft, and conjure. Diana is the author of Mabon, Samhain, and Urban Magick, and has written for Circle magazine, SageWoman, The Beltane Papers, and She’s also a spiritual coach, teacher, and metaphysical shop owner. For more, visit

In this episode, we discuss her latest book, Hex Twisting: Countermagick spells for the irritated witch. Even the most mild-mannered practitioners of magick who stick to personal development can find themselves on the receiving end of harmful energies. Hex Twisting is the key to countering any curse or hex that is thrown your way. Diana has spent years handling psychic attacks, ancestral injuries, and work-for-hire hauntings. Join us to talk about how psychic attacks work and how to protect yourself.

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